Welcome to Skill Vision International

We are a consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom. With its head office in Birmingham - the 2nd largest city in the United Kingdom – the firm has been engaged in providing consultancy services to international students and skill-based migrants to the United Kingdom since 2015.

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Our Services

Experts in Skill assessment, Expert Opinion, Case preparation, Visa Application, Visa Interview Preparation


The work of our consultancy wing is closely linked with the training wing. The training wing provides the basis and explores the best options for our clients. Then it’s the job of our consultants to guide our clients through the visa process. Please click on the following button to read more.

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We are passionate about assisting our clients get the best training, enhance their capabilities & skills to excel in their future. That’s why we have teamed up with the best education providers in the UK. We can assist you to get into the university of your choice, in the course of your choice.

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We are the people with a ‘vision’ to find the ‘skill’ internationally. Therefore, the recruitment wing of Skill Vision International works as a platform for the recruiters in the public or private sector to hunt for the best talent from across the globe. Please click bellow to read more.

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Why Choose Us?

Free Initial Consultation and Advice

  • Fully authorized and regulated immigration consultancy firm
  • Specialists in skilled and high value business migration
  • Help in creating bespoke business plan creation to enhance your chances of getting endorsement for Start-Up and Innovator visas,
  • Experts in advising you for short-term immigration categories to the UK
  • Best educational advice to international students

Above all, the most important reason to choose us is that WE CARE.